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Financial Education To Grow 
Business Empire.

Educating business owners obtain over $50 Million + in funding YTD. Closed over $10M Million + in investment deals.

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Join My Inner Circle  & Gain Full Access To Top Passive Investments!

I teach the importance of repairing, rebuilding personal credit, and business credit.  Join my inner circle and learn how to obtain personal and business funding and buy passive income.

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Solomon Lacy 

About | Solomon Lacy

My name is Solomon Lacy III and I'm CEO of Fresh Start Financials Group and Founder of Leverage Over Everything Coaching Program. I have been providing financial education with emphasis on personal and business credit worthiness and an array of other financial lending services to thousands of individuals, families, entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe.

Through FSFG we have helped clients obtain over $50 million+ in funding ytd implementing our strategies and through our relationships. I operate as investment consultant and financial strategist for raising capital for top tier projects. Closed over 10 million+ in investment deals. After we help secure OPM, we have a variety of passive investments that are currently working for our community of investors. The primary focus is to provide high quality and vetted investments that don't require your presence as well as outperform interest and inflation. I personally invest in each deal also, I don't recommend or sell what I'm not committed to putting my own money behind.

Lets us help you get on right path of strategically turning debt to income. #ThePassiveWay



🏆 When he first started following my strategy a few years ago…

He was a State Trooper and had a sub 600 credit score. Now he is in the 700+ club and has gotten tens of thousands of dollars in business credit and investing in new opportunities! 💰

Jamere Todd

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Leverage Over Everything | Solomon Lacy

Learn How To Fund Your Empire

How Did I Get Here?

At 24 years old, I was fresh out of graduate school and just landed my first corporate job. I felt as though I was on top of the world until I found out I had a 462 credit score and over 50 hard inquiries. And, the worst part about that, I didn't even know how bad a 462 was. Now, I know you're probably wondering how it got that bad if I was off to a good start, right? That's a good question because honestly I didn't even know.


You see, I never had a credit monitoring service to keep track of my credit health. I was blind out here, completely financially illiterate. I didn't check my credit or have never been in a situation where I needed to, until I did. There's an embarrassing "poor-college student" story behind those inquiries, but we'll talk about that later on. Remember, it's not how you start, but how you finish. 

Entrepreneur Magazine | Nov. 2021

5 Success Tips From My Entrepreneurship Journey

By Solomon Lacy III


To operate as a true CEO, you must first fire yourself as the assistant. Assistants ask for permission, bosses take charge. Do you want to be the CEO of your life? Then put yourself in a position to take charge.

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New York Feature | June 15, 2022

How Solomon Lacy Helps Entrepreneurs Gain Leverage and Scale Through Financial Literacy.

How Did I Get Here?

You want to start a business but you don’t have the money, welcome to first lesson in entrepreneurship. Figure it out! Every entrepreneur knows that your passion will always be your driving force, but every businessman and woman knows that money is and will always be the main element needed to run your business.


To grow, scale, and expand your business, understanding how to use other peoples money, or OPM, is key to efficiently leveraging your business. Serial entrepreneur, Solomon Lacy III, who is a master in accessing capital and funding, says you need to “plan your work and work your plan.” He goes on as to say, “the most important lesson I’ve learned in business is if you don’t have a plan for your money, you best believe someone else does.”

La Featured | April 4, 2022

Why Leverage is The Most Powerful Concept in Business

The most powerful concept in business that is least discussed is leverage. By definition, leverage (verb) is simply the use of something to maximize advantage. The act of leveraging, in the business and finance world, plays a particularly important role and comes in many different forms. It can be by using other people’s time to accomplish your tasks, giving you time freedom.


It can be by creating systems and using technology to increase productivity, grow your business and build wealth. It can be your leveraging credit, the difference between being in business and staying in business. Essentially, leveraging, at some point, is necessary to allow you the freedoms we all desire.

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